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Standard & Technical Textiles

Standard & Technical Textiles

Are you active in rail and automotive engineering, aerospace engineering, civil engineering or the textile industry? Are you a producer or a processor?

We support you in the development of textile structures and products, from fibre and yarn selection to packaging and goods presentation. We advise you on strategy as regards industrial property rights, and put together project teams on request.

  • Strategy as regards patents and industrial property rights
  • Automation and digitization
  • Market introduction and technical distribution

Inter-sectoral experience gathered over more than two decades

Sample Projects

Reference to ProCad WarpKnit / milestone for digitization

Advice on the development of ProCad WarpKnit, the world’s first CAD knitting system for on-screen simulation and visualization of textile bonds involved in knitting of real fabric. In 2005, a milestone for digitization of textile surface production. EAT GmbH “The DesignScope Company”

Textile & Carbon Reinforcement

Machinery & Equipment