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Your partner for sustainable, lightweight, and technologically advanced construction!
We take pride in taking a pioneering role in lightweight construction and work closely with leading producers of glass, basalt, natural, and carbon fiber reinforcements. Our goal is to offer tailored solutions for new construction, repair, and reinforcement that enable significant weight reduction without compromising strength.
As the Network Managing Director of CU Bau at Composites United e. V. and a member of the Subcommittee on Non-Metallic Reinforcements at the German Committee for Reinforced Concrete e. V., we actively shape the future of construction.
Our focus is on sustainable, durable, and energy-efficient solutions that benefit both the environment and the economy. With our expertise and commitment, we drive the vision of advanced and future-proof construction.
rothycon CARBON REINFORCEMENT - Your preferred partner for innovative and efficient building solutions. Trust in our extensive experience and comprehensive know-how to achieve outstanding results.

Roy Thyroff - Expert in Non-Metallic Reinforcements Since 2009

Roy Thyroff is one of the leading specialists in non-metallic reinforcements such as carbon, glass, and basalt fibers in the construction industry. Since 2009, he has been advising companies on innovative solutions with textile and carbon reinforcements.

Long-Term Experience with Textile Reinforcements

During his time at V. Fraas Solutions in Textile from 2008 to 2019, Roy Thyroff played a leading role in building the business for textile reinforcements. As Managing Director and Board Member of Tudalit e.V., he was instrumental in transferring technology from academia to industry. He laid the groundwork for the first major projects with non-metallic reinforcement and was significantly involved in their development and implementation. Furthermore, Roy Thyroff, along with other board members of Tudalit e.V., was mandated by the members to merge Tudalit with C3 Carbon Concrete Composite.
Since 2019, Roy Thyroff has been applying his expertise as the owner of rothycon CARBON REINFORCEMENT successfully. As a sales representative and in technical support for non-metallic reinforcements, Roy Thyroff provides technical support for new construction, prefabrication, and concrete repair with non-metallic reinforcements. 

His range of services includes:

  • Distribution of glass, basalt, and carbon grids, short fibers, molded parts, rebars, and composite panels for temporary pathway construction
  • Filigree construction
  • High-load-bearing components
  • Controlled crack width limitation
  • Ecological and innovative solutions
  • Economical construction logistics

Comprehensive Consulting:

  • Calculation of design values, anchorage lengths, tensile strengths
  • Training on carbon reinforcements and textile concrete
  • Approvals and certifications
  • Network Partner for the Construction Industry

As the Network Managing Director of Composites United e.V. - CU Bau, Roy Thyroff advocates for the widespread use of fiber composite materials in construction. With his cross-industry experience of over 30 years, he is a valued partner for innovative solutions related to non-metallic reinforcements. With his extensive expertise and network, Roy Thyroff supports the transformation of the construction industry towards more sustainability, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness.