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About us

About us

Roy Thyroff, owner of rothycon

As the owner of my consulting company, I would like to pass on my knowledge from over thirty years of international activity. I firmly believe that cutting-edge textile applications help meet the challenges of tomorrow.

As a trained machinist, Roy Thyroff worked for Liba GmbH for several years as a worldwide textile and plant technician.

In 2000 he moved to V. Fraas GmbH as department and division manager with a focus on development. At the same time he continued his training as industrial master textile specializing in knitting / warp knitting.

During his subsequent training as a technical business economist, Roy Thyroff was largely responsible for building a warp knitting company in China for V. Fraas.

Since 2008, he has been in charge of the business development of V. Fraas Solutions in Textile, which has been registered as a GmbH since 2012.

Here, Roy Thyroff was active from 2012 to 2019 alongside Alexander Schmidt as Managing Director.

In addition, Roy Thyroff was the managing director of Tudalit e.V. from 2012 until the end of August 2019 and then served on the board of directors until August 2020. In addition, Roy Thyroff was co-opted into the board of the CC BAU in mid-August. Since June 2019, Roy Thyroff has been self-employed with his company rothycon – Roy Thyroff Consulting. Furthermore, he currently supports Composites United e.V. in the strategic implementation of CU Bau and is active as network managing director.

As a specialist, he advises companies in the fields of mechanical and plant engineering / conceptual design, technical textiles and carbon concrete.