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Reference 1:  ProCad WarpKnit / milestone for digitization

Advice during development of ProCad WarpKnit, the world’s first CAD knitting system for on-screen simulation and visualization of textile bonds involved in knitting of real fabric. In 2005, a milestone for digitization of textile surface production. EAT GmbH “The DesignScope Company”

  • From vision to implementation
  • Advice concerning processes
  • Calculations and digitization

Reference 2: Load securing net / Techtextil Innovation Award

Advice on the development of a globally unique and patented process for manufacturing a load securing net. Fully automatic linking of the warp-knit ribbons in the 0° direction and woven ribbons in the 90° direction using knitting technology. Recipient of the Techtextil Innovation Award 2017. WILHELM KNEITZ Solutions in Textile GmbH

  • Development of technology & manufacturing process
  • Development of machinery & equipment
  • Implementation of patenting

Reference 3: Naila bridge / savings in materials and costs

Advice on restoration of the arch bridge over the Selbitztal in Naila. Minimization of the shotcrete layer during restoration through a use of corrosion-free carbon fabric instead of the usual reinforcement steel mesh as a material-saving and more durable alternative to reinforced concrete. Stadt Naila

  • Technical distribution
  • Inter-sectoral consulting
  • Networking of planning & execution partners